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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Not sure where to begin this year? Looking to ease the burden of a school-wide fundraiser? Check out these 4 quick tips to making your fundraiser highly profitable with the least amount of stress!

1. Select the right date

The most successful fall fundraisers are conducted between the 3rd week in August to mid-September. Fundraisers experience a 50% drop in profit when starting the 1st week of October and decreases by another 10% at the end of October.

2. Choose the right fundraiser

We suggest a hybrid of a traditional catalog fundraiser with an online option for shopping & orders. Giving your supporters the ability to pay by multiple methods such as cash, check, debit/credit or simply shopping and paying online will increase the chances your supporters will have the means to make a payment on the spot.

3. Find the right catalog

The most successful schools and groups have more variety, whether that be from a single larger catalog, or multiple item-specific catalogs. The more options your supporters can choose from, the higher the probability they will buy.

4. Get the right help

Find a fundraising company that has the right tools and best practices to help you accomplish all of your goals, and will aid you in the easiest and most profitable fundraiser possible.

That's where we come in.

Our team at My Opportunities has developed best practices, organization tools and the best materials to make your fundraiser successful. Whether you need help finding the right catalogs to use in your area or determining what type of fundraiser best suits your needs, we have the experience to leave you profitable and happy.

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